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Swedish Cope Wall Logs
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Swedish Cope Wall Logs make simple to construct, very strong and energy efficient walls. To ensure quality our Swedish Cope wall logs are all grade stamped by Timber Product Inspections. The saddle notched corner system is aesthetically pleasing, and locks the two walls in a corner together.

We offer two different styles of Swedish Cope Wall Logs, the Standard and the Cabin wall log. Both of these logs come with saddle notched corners, and are TPI grade stamped at no additional charge. We use only the driest of wall logs to make our homes, thus minimizing settling.




We recommend the Standard wall log to the customer wanting a more modern, less rustic looking log home. The Standard wall log may have slight draw knifing on some of the logs, but for the most part is perfectly milled. Standard logs will have a smoother, and more uniform finish than the cabin wall log.





Cabin wall logs are: a more rustic version of the standard log. They are milled to the same dimensions as the standard wall log. We actually mill a log that is too small to make a perfectly uniform log, so when the log comes out of the mill it has spots of bark, & gnarls left that the mill did not clean off. We then hand drawknife the bark off so there is no bark left. It leaves the logs with a more rustic appearance than the standard wall log. We charge less for the cabin logs because they take a smaller piece of raw material to make. We sell cabin logs approximately three to one over the standard logs.





T&G D-Log wall packages are also grade stamped by Timber Products Inspections. The corner system we offer in this style of log is called a “Butt & Pass” system. This system is where one log butts into the side of the log that continues out past the corner of the wall. Every other log in a corner will alternate as it is stacked. Thus, giving the corner a staggered look.







Random Lengths: A typical log package utilizes random length logs in the walls. Random lengths make the log kit fast and easy to assemble. Just about any log can be used anywhere in the home-no searching through heavy bundles of logs looking for the one log you need. One important benefit is that random lengths make it possible to make changes to your home after the logs arrive (which happens more often than not). Simply send us a set of prints, or a detailed sketch of your home and we will figure out the total footage of log, and number of saddle notches needed to complete your home. Many customers with no experience are able to stack their walls in less than a week. The majority of the homes we sell come in random lengths, although we can pre-cut & tag each log for your home for an additonal fee.

Full Length Log Wall Packages: Although most of our customers utilize the random length system we also offer log packages in which the walls consist of logs that are all full length with nearly no butt joints. These logs are cut to an exact length, notched & labeled for a specific location in the wall. This is a more expensive option, but if this is what you are looking for you will find that Log Home Outlet is the most affordable full length log package provider in the business.

Half Log Siding: Half logs are, in essence, a true Swedish coped log cut in half, lengthwise. Half logs provide the exact look of true full log homes, and can be used both internally and externally. Half logs simply attach to the 2x framing of a stick frame wall.

Some of our clients prefer the external look of a log home, but do not want the log look on the interior walls. With Half logs, this is possible! Half log siding can also be installed over an existing stick framed home to give the home a log home look.

This is cut from a Swedish Cope wall log that has been split in half lengthwise. Half log siding looks exactly like a full log home from the outside when utilizing the saddle notched corners. Available in standard and cabin appearance. These logs are grade stamped. Sizes available: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, and 16-inch diameters.